1. The main focus of our college is on inculcation of desire for knowledge in the minds of students hailing from rural area.
  2. It aims at promotion of the physical, intellectual, ethical, cultural and educational development of the masses and the neglected sections of the society by running schools, colleges, boardings, institutions of physical education and such other institutions.
  3. To raise fund, to cater the educational needs of promising students from the masses.


  1. Main focus is on inculcation of desire, urge and quest for knowledge in the minds of rural area students.
  2. To promote the physical, intellectual, ethical and cultural development of society.
  3. To cater the educational needs of deprived & neglected sectors of society.
  4.  Bringing out social transformation through education.
  5. Creating a wide-spread educational network seeking mass participation.
  6. Inculcate a deep sense of nationalism in keeping with glorious heritage of institution & its founders.
  7. To develop the sense of local to global.


  1. To prepare annual teaching plan of course content.
  2. To prepare an academic calendar for the implementation of annual teaching plan of course content.
  3. To evaluate teaching learning process.
  4. To use different teaching methods to supplement teaching process for making it more effective.
  5. To implement internal assessment system for regular evaluation of students.
  6. To arrange and conduct seminars, conferences, workshops, projects on education and regional issues.
  7. To form and run different associations related to socially relevant problems.
  8. To practice games and sports for the healthy physical growth of youths.
  9. To implement teacher’s self-appraisal practice for bringing improvement in their teaching.
  10. To acquaint the office staff with new managerial concept in administration.
  11. To update the office with modern equipments and technique.

II )

  1. To organise educational tours to advanced centres of learning, science, technologies, historical places, caves, forts, seashores, factories, industries etc.
  2. To arrange lectures of eminent scientists, historians, dramatists, writers, technologists, social reformers, linguists, politicians, industrialists etc.
  3. To organise science exhibition.
  4. To organise poster, debating, essay-writing, wall magazine, rangoli and sing competitions.
  5. To inspire students to participate in debates, science quizs and other competitions.
  6. To organise different extension activities for cultivation of values like national integration, liberty, equality, fraternity, patriotism, humanism, scientific temper, democracy, socialism, peace, altruism, secularism etc.
  7. To inculcate the idea of social and civic responsibilities among the students.

III) Mission and goals are achieved through the practice of the following activities in our college.

  1. Display of college mission and goals at college entrance.
  2. Regular playing of National Anthem for inculcating nationalism among youths.
  3. Display of rules of discipline in the varandha.
  4. Policy of uniform to students.
  5. Policy of uniform to peons.
  6. Policy of uniform to teaching staff.
  7. Display the library rules in the main library.
  8. Display of reading room rules in the reading room for students.
  9. Display of “do” and “don’t do” rules in the corridors and class rooms.
  10. Use of microteaching plan and teaching plan diary.
  11. Use of Audio Visual aids
  12. To conduct various activities through associations and such as anti-addiction forum, farmers guidance centre, plant disease clinic, anti-aid forum etc.
  13. The college runs a centre of Yeshwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University, Nasik for distance education.
  14. To provide research facilities in different subjects.
  15. N.C.C. and N.S.S.
  16. Sports.
  17. The College has started a study centre of Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi for distance education.
  • One of the college in the Marathwada region which has attained an exemplary level in running maximum number of programs for students.
  • It’s the first and only college in the district to be awarded by the status of ‘College with Potential for Excellence” (CPE) by UGC and having ISO certification 9001-2008.
  • It is one of the well known colleges for winners participating in national and different interdisciplinary events.  It is also first college in the district acquiring ‘A’ grade in reaccreditation.
  • The college has its outstanding publications of two national level journals namely “Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences” in science and “Abhisaran” in Humanities, Social Sciences and Commerce, which contribute a lot in promoting research.
  • The college have faculty of 50, students strength of 4,232, have major and minor projects with five research centres and research guides.
  • The college have Students Facility Centre of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad.
  • It is one of the few colleges in the Marathwada region, which offers advanced and career oriented programmes and courses to meet the demands of the students from this region.
  • The college motivates students by rewarding them with ‘Balbhim Puraskar’ to the best girl and boy student every year.
  • The college has received Rs. One Lakh Prize for ‘Jagar Janiwancha’ from the Govt. of Maharashtra.
  • It has been the most appreciated and honoured with “Adarsh Pariksha Kendra’ award by Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad.
  • The NSS adopted village Kumsi received “Nirmal Gram Award” from Hon. President of India for exceptional efforts taken for changing Kumsi Village by NSS Units of the college.
  • It conducts student centred activities, like organization of State Level Science Exhibition every year on 1st Sept. as mark of respect and tribute on birth anniversary of late Shri Vianaykrao Patil,  which provides platform to students  for showing their research oriented activities.
  • The college facilitates with Common Facility Centre (CFC hall) aided with modern and advance instrument for research in Science Stream at UG and PG level.  The college also have ICT and Language Lab. which allows students to interact more and clear their vision regarding their hurdles related to their studies and communication skills.  
  • The College has seven virtual classrooms with smart boards and audio & visual teaching aids facilities for students.
  • As a student centred activity, the college also conducts Science Talent Search Examination  at state level to enhance their theoretical and practical understanding of subject, comprehensively
  • The College has special Women Cell which plays an active role in the college for awaring girl students regarding the way to deal with different social problems.  Women cell has conducted programmes like medical check up only for girls, with collaboration of Astha Group – a cancer awareness programme, self defense and awareness with laws for girls  campaign etc.  Women cell also felicitates the great women’s of India by giving tribute on their birth anniversary.  All in one, it celebrates International women’s day.  The college has two girls hostels for accommodation .
  • The college has special Anti Ragging Unit which solves issues in college. It controls college in avoiding different mishaps which creates indisciplinary acts.  It follows the regulation of UGC 2009, on curbing menace of ragging in higher education institution 2009.
  • The library is the heart of college, despite the more away from print and towards electronic resources.  The library undertakes and contributes directly to the college’s academic mission and to equipping students with the skills & knowledge fulfil the need to achieve academically and to maximize their employability.  The college library is fully automated with DELNET software.  At present in includes total 92,604 books and world wide accepted journals around 93 journals of maximum subjects.  In addition to this library is having INFLIBNET posses online books around 93,809 and more than 6,000 research journals.  It also owes bond volumes used in research of various subjects.  They are around 3,500 & more. The college have three recognized research centres in Marathi, Hindi, and Zoology.
  • The college concentrates not only on academic subjects, but also on producing all rounded development of  individuals.  So physical education is also emphasized.  The college have well equipped Gymnasium and  indoor and outdoor stadia.
  • The college is aided with NCC platoon for both boys and girls with 53 cadets each.
  • The college also has a cornerstone of Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi with 18 programmes,  having student strength of 481 and Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University, Nashik  having students in under graduate1596 & post graduate 561.  These centres are best means to have education for the students who are deprived from the education.
  • The College produced a large number of student activists, leaders, artists and authors who have stimulated many social, cultural, academic and political movements.  Majority of employees working in government and semi government  offices, schools, colleges & private sectors in the Beed districts and in Maharashtra are the alumni of our college.