Procedures and policies for Infrastructure, Teaching & Learning

     Policies for infrastructure:

The institution has a policy to provide sufficient infrastructural facilities for effective teaching and learning process. The yearly budget is prepared according to the needs & requirements of the departments. Formal budget estimates will be prepared by each department and will be reviewed in HODs meeting with the Principal. After discussion forwards it to college Purchase Committee and CDC. On getting approval from CDC and parent institute, implementation is completed.  In addition to that for maintaining college Infrastructure there is monthly, half yearly and yearly maintenance is followed as per the requirements at every level at first priority of need.

The precise policies are as follows

  1. First and foremost maintenance is done by cleaning of campus area, classrooms, library and laboratories. It is followed on daily basis.
  2. Maintenance of furniture in classroom and offices is yearly followed.
  3. Fumigation is performed in library yearly for avoiding damage of books. Library staff takes the precaution of preservation of library books by periodic pest control.
  4. Repairing and proper maintenance is done regularly of windows and doors in whole campus.
  5. Well equipped labs are maintained by proper servicing of equipments time to time. Microscopes used in lab are also oiled and cleaned by professionals.
  6. The replacement or repairing of scientific instruments is done under the supervision of lab assistant and the faculty members of concerned departments.
  7. Computers in computer lab, ICT lab, language lab and all departments are subscribed with updated software and antivirus.
  8. Indoor and outdoor sport ground and equipments are maintained at regular basis for hustle free use by players. The institute has a well equipped gym facility
  9. Fire extinguishers are placed at different places in college campus as safety measure if accidently catches fire.
  10. College campus has botanical garden with medical plants and trees within the campus. It is maintained and cleaned at weekly basis by taking care of plants and surrounding.
  11. To avoid irregularities in electricity supply in college, college have generator for uninterrupted services.
  12. College also have solar light supply within the campus to avoid over use of electricity.
  13.  Clean drinking water is supplied in college campus.
  14. General maintenance: College appointed electrician for electric service maintenance and equipment.

Policies for Teaching and Learning:

IQAC promotes the departments to carry out the significant activities related to teaching learning and research. IQAC continuously review the teaching learning process to achieve higher benchmarks of quality.

The specific policies are as below

1. Academic calendar and action plan

2. Teaching plan, Teacher’s diary and attendance record of the students

3. Use of innovative teaching methods and ICT tools.

4. Monitoring the teaching-learning process by HODs

5. Conducting CIE of students as per the academic calendar

6. Encourage the students to participate in research, sports and cultural activities

7. Feedback from students, parents and alumni.