The National Service Scheme (NSS) was launched in 1969, the birth centenary year of the Father of Nation, by the Government of India. It is a voluntary association of young people, especially college students to work for campus-community linkages. The aim is to develop student’s personality through community service.

The NSS unit of Balbhim College provides a platform to the students for community work and developing a sense of involvement in the tasks of nation building. NSS volunteers work to ensure that a needy get help to enhance their standard of living. A variety of activities are organized every year to channelize the energy and idealism of the younger generation into creative pursuits. They educate students and society regarding many issues like health, sanitation, palliation, etc. Various health camps and cleanliness drives across campus and slum areas nearby are taken out regularly to create awareness and also to motivate people to work towards a clean environment.

The NSS unit functions under the guidance of a Programme Officer. The NSS wing of college focuses on providing access and opportunities to underprivileged in health and education. Some of the major events of the NSS Unit are:

  1. Adoption of Villages
  2. Water Conservation Activities
  3. Cleanliness Drive Programme
  4. Tree Plantation
  5. Blood Donation Camps
  6. Health Awareness Programmes
  7. Awareness Rallies
  8. Residential Camps at Adopted Villages

Program Officer

  1. A.B. Danne
  2. N.B. Mudiraj
  3. S.E. Ghumatkar

Annual Reports:
NSS Special Camp Report 2017-21