Our vision and mission include the providing education to socially and economically backward classes, educational development of rural population, introducing applied courses at bringing out social transformation through education and enrichment of socio-cultural environment in the Marathwada region through creative and constructive deeds of the students, the faculty, the management and the alumni.

Accordingly, following have been our thrust areas and the related work during the last 5 years

NAAC reaccredited A+ in 3rd Cycle:

In 3rd cycle NAAC reaccredited A+ grade. It is first college in Beed district honored this grade. NAAC accreditation identifies the quality of the institute in terms of its education, research, faculty, infrastructure, etc., as well as giving confidence to the students that they have been selecting a quality institution.


  • College honored mentor institute under UGC-PARAMARSH scheme for mentoring non-accredited institutions in the region.
  • Institute instant credibility increases which elevates admissions.

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UGC awarded College with potential for excellence (CPE-II Phase):

The College is awarded with status of ‘College with Potential for Excellence’ (CPE) by University Grants Commission for the duration of five years starting from the year 2014 to 2019 (Phase-II). This is a recognition of College’s outstanding achievements in academic, co-curricular, sports, cultural, extension and research activities, the grant shall enable the College to further strengthen Physical and Academic infrastructure to achieve the potential for excellence.


  • Institute promoted academic programs relevant to the socio-economic needs of the nation.
  • Achieved global standards of excellence in education, training and research.
  • Enhanced the quality of learning and teaching process

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Effectively Implemented UGC Paramarsh scheme:

College is the mentor institute under UGC-PARAMARSH scheme for mentoring non-accredited institutions in the region. The college has mentored six Colleges in the region for NAAC accreditation.


  • SaraswatiMahavidyalayaKaij Dist. Beed (Mentee College) was accredited as B+ grade by NAAC.
  • Kala MahavidyalayaNandurghat Dist. Beed (Mentee College) was accredited as B grade by NAAC.
  • Third college is in progress to submit IIQA.
  • The remaining three colleges are well prepared and initiated compilation of SSR.

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Social Responsibilities

1 Work during the Covid-19 Pandemic situation:

In the year 2020-21 pandemic situation throughout the country in this situation infrastructure of our college was used for sample collection for the purpose of RTPCR test. Faculties of our college actively participated in various events of Government to prevent from Covid-19. NSS unit has organized Mask distribution program in the slum area of Beed city and also organized program on Covid-19 vaccine awareness.

Outcome: It is prime duty of every institute to involve in every social activity, due to this activities in Covid-19 pandemic institutional image in society enhanced.

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2 Social activities through NSS camp:

Every year NSS department organized seven day winter camp in different villages.

Year 2017-18

Theme of Camp- Youth for Nation


Social activities: In this winter camp 150 trees were planted by the NSS volunteers, pollution awareness, Voting awareness and various activities arranged.

Year 2018-19

Theme of Camp- Youth for Water Conservation


Social activities: camp was organized under the theme Water conservation and its management to acquire water by adopting water management policies of government.

Year 2019-20

Theme of Camp- Youth for Environment Consciousness


Social activities: In that camp few activities had been took place such as, Village cleaning drive, Plantation, rally organized on the theme voting rights and multi nutrition problem

Year 2021-22

Theme of Camp- Youth for Cleanness and youth for health


Social activities-In this NSS camp activities relate to cleanliness and health related issues.

Outcome:Volunteering for various tasks under NSS activities allows students to become confident, develop leadership skills, and learn about different people from different walks of life.

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3 Blood donation camp:

Blood donation camp organized in the college showing kindness to help needy people who required the blood urgently.

Outcome:It saves lives and inculcate the values among the students.

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4 Farmers Guidance Center:

Through this center various programs organized for farmers in Beed district in which Programs like Soil analysis, Organic farming, Use of minimum pesticides are organized.

Outcome: Institutes brand imaging increased through the social activities and it also gives positive impact on student admission.

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Educational Leadership:

1 State level Science Exhibition

College organizes State Level Science Exhibition that received overwhelming response from different colleges in the Maharashtra State.

2 State level Science talent search examination (STSE)

On occasion of Science day 28th February every year, Science forum organizes State Level Science Talent Search Examination (STSE) for under graduate students. For nurturing the science ability about Basic sciences.

Outcomes:Increased publicity of institute at state level.

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In house training program for students

1 Avishkar cell:

This activity, unique in its nature, is being implemented through Avishkar Cell of the College. This cell has taken special efforts to increase the participation of the talented students from all categories. Special efforts were taken by Avishkar cell. This cell also organizes special training to these students and provide those necessary help and guidance to enhance their abilities to present their work in an effective manner.


This activity has generated a lot of enthusiasm amongst students and the participation is ever increasing.

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2 Training and Placement cell:

Training and Placement Cell of College ensures proper orientation and training to students for successful performance at campus drives and off campus placement. There are special pre-placement drive workshops organized by the cell.

Outcome: Increased placement of students.

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