1) Introduction:

The Department of Physical Education & Sports has established in 1960. The Alumnus of the departments is remarkable one like the field of Politics (MLA, MLC etc.), Force, Social Services, education, Sports, Culture etc. This department has written its name by winning various awards like Shiv Chhatrapati Award, Gov. of Maharashtra.

2) Aims and Objectives of Department:

Human Life has various aspects. The aim of education is to achieve all round development of the personality of the youth. It is necessary to develop our-self physically & mentally. In the absence of physical fitness we can’t dream all round development of the personality of the youth. The ancient Indian education system has focused on physical development through exercise & Yoga. The department of Physical Education & Sports has been trying to achieve the following aim & objectives.

1) To develop the Sportsmanship

2) To develop scientific attitude

3) All round development of the Student

4) To acquire leadership qualities & democratic Attitude

3) Sports Committee Members:

Sr. No.

Name of member



Dr.  J. G. Tattapure



Dr. S.S. Ghorpade



Dr. K.K. Gaikwad



Mr. R.G. Sonwane