Action Taken Report of Feedback Analysis

We have collected four types of feedbacks from stakeholders that is Students Feedback on Curriculum, Teachers Feedback on Curriculum, Alumni Feedback on Curriculum and Employers Feedback on Curriculum.
After collection of feedback, we have analyzed the feedback under supervision of the IQAC coordinator and Principal of the institution.

The feedback analysis report from students clearly reveals that they are satisfied with the curriculum and facilities provided by the institution for their overall development. Still some of the students have suggested to
1) Increase the certificate courses in the institute in addition to university curriculum.
2) Strengthen the Competitive Exam Cell of the institute.

The alumni feedback analysis report confirms that the majority of the alumni are happy and proud to be a part of this Institution, they are satisfied with the development of the institute but they have given some suggestion regarding
1) To increase campus interview.
2) Strengthen the Competitive exam guidance cell.

Feedback analysis of teachers on curriculum has some suggestions regarding
1) Research project should be included at PG level
2) Project needs to be included in the syllabus for B.Sc final year.
3) Practical based courses should be introduced in the curriculum for better learning experiences.
4) Curriculum must be choice based credit system.
These suggestions we have discussed with the BOS members of our institute who are representative of our institute in the University for Further Action.

Feedback analysis of Employers revels that, reconstuction of syllabus is required as per the need of industry.

We have discussed these suggestions in the IQAC meeting in presence of Principal of our Institute, These suggestions have taken seriously and it is decided to
i) Strengthen the Competitive Exam Cell
ii) Add some Job oriented certificate courses in next academic year.
iii) Increase Campus drives to increase campus placement of the students.