Our college has well-equipped library in a special building. It has more than Eight five thousand books, dictionaries & DELNET Facility.

1) Library rules:-

i) Every student entering the library premises must have valid college identity card. It must be produced as and when demanded for inspection.

ii) Silence must be observed in the library college premises.

iii) One book at a time from the library will be issued to a student.

iv) Delaying in returning books within prescribed due date will make students liable to be fined.

v) Book must be returned on or before due date.

vi) Any attempt to damage books or cutting out any matter or picture from the books or defacing or tearing the pages will be treated as misconduct. Defaulters will be strictly dealt with.

vii) While receiving the books, the student must take note whether the books contain all the pages or it is in a good condition.

viii) A special day is allotted to each class for disbursement of books.

ix) Books are issued to poor and intelligent students from the book bank for a period of year.

x) All the books issued to the students should be returned before commencement of annual examination.

xi) All students must obtain “No dues” certificate from the library before taking transfer certificate from the college.

Reading room rules :

  1. A complete silence and strict discipline are to be maintained in the library and study room.
  2. Text books, reference books and journals will be issued to students against identity cards.
  3. Students are not allowed to take books outside the reading room.
  4. Students should not bring any outsider with them in the reading room and library.
  5. The reading room remains open at night from 7.30 p.m. to 10.30 p.m. daily during working days.

Text books :

i) Each student must carry language text books regularly to the class every day. Without language text books the students shall not be allowed to attend the class.

ii) Each students must purchase a complete set of text books prescribed for the course of study.