Using Library Book’s:

  1. It is the moral duty of the student to keep the books in good condition; they should be used properly & should be returned in good condition. If the condition of the books is not maintained properly, student will be fined.
  2. If the pages of the book’s are found from. Then the last borrower will be held responsible.
  3. The borrower will keep the book for seven day and should return it on the mentioned date on date slip. Otherwise fine will be recovered as per rule from the borrower.
  4. If the fine is equal or more than the original cost of the book then the student will have to pay the fine as the cost of book. Such books will not be accepted without paying the fine and library facility will not be given to student.
  5. If the book is lost then only a new copy will replace it. If the book is not available in the market then the student will have to pay original price of the book.
  6. At the end of every year all the books should be submitted in to the library.


Reading Hall

  1. Each student should have his own Identity card while entering in the library or Reading hall.
  2. After entering in Reading hall students have to enter their names into the register and sing.
  3. Silence must be kept in the library and Reading hall.
  4. When the practical and classes are running students should not sit in the reading hall.
  5. On submitting Identity Card student get one book to read in the library .If said book is taken at home , without permission they will be fined Rs.1/-per day.
  6. Encyclopedia, Dictionaries, Reference books, University Question Papers will not be allowed to take at home.