Faculty of Arts:

Subjects to be offered (for B.A.I,II and III year Course)
A) Compulsory subject:          i) English
B) Second language:              ii) Marathi or Hindi or Urdu or Sanskrit  (Select any one)
(Note:- English and one second language are to be studied only at B.A.I and II year levels.)
C) Optional subjects:-
            The student shall select any one of the following subject combinations as his/her optional group.
No        Subject Combinations (Any three)
1.         Compulsory Subject: English
2.         Second Language: Marathi /Hindi/Urdu      
3.         Optional subjects (Any three)
A)  Marathi / Hindi / English / Urdu / Sanskrit
B)  Physical Education / Dramatics / Psychology / Music / Geography / Military Science/Mass Comm & Journalism
C)  Political Science or Sociology
D)  History
E)  Public Administration or Economics

B.A. Third year: At third year B.A. there is one optional subject as main subject and other two optional subjects as subsidiary subjects. Main optional subject for 400 marks and subsidiary two optional subjects for 400 marks.