What is a Sales Journal? Definition Meaning Example

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the sales journal

The sales journal only stores receivables; this means that sales made in cash are not recorded in it. A sale made in cash would instead be recorded in the cash receipts journal. In short, the information stored in this journal is a summary of the invoices issued to customers.

Sales Journal

All the sales on account for June are shown in this journal; cash sales are recorded in the cash receipts journal. The sales journal, sometimes called the credit sales journal, is used to record all sales made on account. It also is not necessary to write an explanation of the transaction because only credit sales are recorded. It should be noted that sales of goods are recorded in the sales journal. However, sales of assets such as land, building, and furniture are not recorded in the sales journal because they are sold infrequently.

  • After the posting, the account number or a check is placed in the post reference (Post Ref.) column.
  • The sales journal is a sub-journal, and is kept apart from the general journal.
  • The sales journal, which is recorded in chronological order, simplifies access to sales data, as it includes specific information related to each sale.
  • A common problem pertaining to entries in the sales journal is recording information incorrectly.

Seller also prepares a duplicate copy of each invoice he sends out to his buyer. This duplicate copy is kept by the seller with him because the entry in sales journal is made on the basis of it. Finally, the amount of time needed to post entries is reduced. Although each transaction must be posted to the subsidiary accounts receivable ledger, only the totals for the month have to be posted to the general ledger accounts. A sales journal is used to record the merchandise sold on account.

What is Recorded in a Sales Journal?

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What should a sales journal include?

A sales journal must include the transactions of sales purchased and/or sold on credit. The entries should include the date of transaction, customer information, customer id#, invoice #, sales price, cost of sales, goods and services tax, debit, credit, and post reference #.

Since all sales recorded in the sales journal are paid on credit, there is no need for a cash column. The general journal is the all-purpose journal that all transactions are recorded in. Since all transactions are recorded in the general journal, it can be extremely large and make finding information about specific transactions difficult. That is why the general journal is divided up into smaller journals like the sales journal, cash receipts journal, and purchases journal. Just like the purchases journal, only credit sales are recorded when preparing a sales journal. On the other hand, assets sold in cash are recorded in the cash book and the sales of assets on credit are recorded in the proper journal.

sales journal definition

A sales journal is a manual accounting system used to store the summary of invoices issued to customers. The sales journal is used to record receivables, such as credit sales for goods and/or services. Cash transactions are recorded in a receipts journal used to record transactions paid in cash. The sales journal is a sub-journal used to record detailed sales transactions from the general ledger. The sales journal provides information regarding an invoice number, customer contact information, account number, date of transaction, and date of invoice.

the sales journal

When you run
the report, you can choose to run it by division. If so, the report lists
all sales transactions for the division and starts a new page for each
division. The division code is determined by the source code used on
the order header. Note that we included GST in our sale, but now we have to separate it from the sale price.

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